Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Floating Blue

These cereal bowls turned out perfectly. The floating blue glaze was a complete success and they are very close to being completely uniform, all fitting comfortably stacked. This is for sure an achievement for me being my best set ever and first set of bowls. Getting a great result is the best feeling because there are more chances than not that the work won't turn out the way you planned. I must have waited 3 weeks for these to be fired after I glazed them and I don't even want to think about how long the entire process took considering the speed my studio runs the kiln. I guess the wait only makes the positive result feel that much better.


  1. They turned out great!!!! I find most bowls are too small to meet my needs.

    I need to have some more ceramic cereal bowls (I only have one that Maki made me in usable condition).

  2. OMG! Jamie- I will make you cereal bowls as your house-warming present. I cant wait to come visit and see the new place! Thanks for following my posts- I didnt even see that you had commented until now. I will be updating soon!! xoxo