Monday, October 26, 2009

Cup of Tea

I am proud to admit that I'm producing my teacups rather quickly- be still my heart I think my studio is finally firing my work. I am on my way out the door to see if these new tea cups have been bisqued and if so, I should I have a total of about 8 tea cups to glaze.
I may have mentioned that I loved glazing, and if I did, I will admit I really only love it when the glaze turns out well. My last round wasn't so hot. I fired a set of bowls in Calico and boy did they surprise me! I was so let down by the turn out of these, it was like a slap in the face. I mean seriously, these bowls were really nice. Nice shape, nice weight, very close in size, but the glaze just ruined it! So prey for me. These tea cups are my babies.
Please Gods: hook me up with a successful glaze fire, or I don't know what I'll do..

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